Otherworldly literature (translated)

Otherworldly literature (translated)

by Ernesto Bozzano (Author)
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In this text the author analyses 12 cases of psychographics - i.e. dictated by entities that self-qualify as spirits of the dead - whose events go beyond the obvious explanation of activity due to autosuggestion or rudimentary dream processing. In the cases described and analysed, a series of solid clues seem to allow the attribution of the writings examined to interventions outside the medium. We start from the experience of Enrichetta Beecher-Stowe and her famous novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, from that of Francesco Scaramuzza and his works dictated by none other than Ludovico Ariosto and Goldoni. The conclusion of the unfinished novel Edwin Drood, dictated to the medium directly by Dickens, is also discussed. Particular attention is paid to the mediumistic experiences of Victor Hugo and Oscar Wilde and to the William Sharp-Fiona Macleod cases and the even more intriguing one of Patience Worth and Mrs. Curran. We then move on to the voluminous Writings of Cleopas dictated to Miss Geraldine Cummins, and the sacred writings dictated to Rev Bush which come directly from spirits who lived at the time of Christ.

The text is characterised by Bozzano's particular style, which always strives to treat 'supernormal' events using methods and language as close as possible to those of classical scientific analysis.

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June 21, 2021
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