I Am The Emperor

I Am The Emperor

by Stefano Conti (Author)
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Historic-archaeological Thriller

A secret hidden for centuries, places soaked with magic, a tormented love story, an occult sect: these are the ingredients of a novel where history and irony, archaeology and mystery are mixed to create a captivating story. A fascinating trip throughout space and time, from ancient romans to medieval crusades, from the byzantine empire to the Renaissance House of Medici, until today.Tarsus (Turkey), 8 July 2010.A university professor finds in his excavations what many looked for in vain: the tomb of Julian the Apostate, the philosophe emperor. But the sepulchre is empty and right after the discovery the archaeologist is found dead. Has he been murdered? Who stole Julian’s mortal remains? Where is the famous treasure that was buried with the roman emperor?That’s from here that the adventure starts for Francesco Speri, a bank employee passionate about history, who, with the help of his beloved Chiara, investigates among ancient sites and ciphered codes. The intrigue gets thicker when a neo-pagan organisation will try in any way to stop the protagonist, who is willing to go on with his researches of the professor and the Apostate at all costs…


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June 22, 2021
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