The crisis of death (translated)

The crisis of death (translated)

by Ernesto Bozzano (Author)
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In this text the author devotes himself in depth to the investigation of the main collections of "transcendental revelations", applying to them the scientific processes of comparative analysis and convergence of evidence, obtaining results that are as unexpected as they are important. In fact, from the investigations undertaken it emerges the proof that the copious information obtained through mediumship about the spiritual environment and existence, agree admirably with each other as far as the general information is concerned, which is also the only information required to conclude in favour of the extrinsic genesis of the revelations under examination, since the apparent discrepancies of secondary order, as found in the revelations themselves, clearly derive from multiple causes clearly discernible and fully justifiable. It should be emphasised, in this regard, that certain categories of such alleged discrepancies contribute effectively to providing a clear synthetic vision of the ways in which spiritual existence is expressed, since they appear to be determined by the psychic conditions particular to each individual personality of the deceased communicant. A compelling and utterly unique work.

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June 24, 2021
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