Preaching by Heart

by Ryan P. Tinetti (Author)
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There's a seemingly innocuous villain that is taking up residence in the pulpits of countless churches, disrupting the connection between the pastor and the people and keeping the proclamation of God's word from having its full effect. That villain is the preacher's notes. Preachers know this all too well. Many wish that they could "preach by heart" without the aid of notes, but are unsure how to do so--and are left feeling frustrated and discouraged by the presence of that disruptive interloper.Author Ryan Tinetti shares an unexpected solution in the form of an ancient and time-tested practice known as the method of loci, or Memory Palace. Surveying portions of classical rhetoric that are especially relevant for contemporary preachers and diving deep into the theory and practice of the Memory Palace, Preaching by Heart plunders these ancient treasures that have been so formative for preachers through the ages but too oft neglected in our own time.When pastors preach by heart, they find greater satisfaction in the homiletic task and their proclamation is even more effective. Preaching by Heart shows how to pitch the notes and reach that goal.

Richard Lischer (Introduction author)
Publication date
June 22, 2021
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