Yldrbac: the Latter Years

by R. Keith Andrews (Author)
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Written by a gamer, with Gamers in mind, this is the story set in a world where magic and technology have both evolved, and Humans, though now the dominant race are not the only race still walking the planet. Ancient Races from before the rise of man have risen to reclaim their place on the surface of the planet, and off-worlders have come from distant planets to lay claim to their share. Modern society and civilization have fallen in The Great Collapse that encompassed the world. Present Day, Jeremiah Wolstrand and a small group of like-minded peoples from across the ages, band together in a brutal post apocalyptic environment to help rebuild civilization by any means necessary. Combating an ancient presence ALL races must work together to bring about the End of an Epoch, in order to Return to Paradise.

Publication date
June 21, 2021
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