Blood in the Water

by Walter Champion (Author), Carlos A. Velasquez (Author)
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This book looks at mass tort litigation in a variety of formats including lawsuits against manufacturers and Big Pharma. The authors argue that without the personal injury bar, outrageous examples of rampant corporate greed would continue to this day. The author references many class actions such as the exploding Pinto, Agent Orange, the Opioid epidemic, concussions in the NFL, and the Boeing 737 Max scandal. Text reform zealots argue that these lawsuits are bogus and detrimental to the American way of life. This is, of course, ridiculous.

The authors argue that attorneys are the only means to alleviate the excesses of corporate greed by showing multiple cases of mistakes that were purposefully ignored because of the quest for corporate gain. Big corporations live by a cost/benefit analysis that allow and even foster the inevitable lawsuit which results from their greed.

Publication date
June 22, 2021
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