Sustaining a Free Society

by Roger Soder (Author)
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It is difficult to create a free society but even more difficult to sustain that free society over time. We want to sustain the esssential elements of a free society, but at the same time, we must recognize that the world is always changing. How, then, to adjust to changes and to improve what we have, without losing sight of core values, is our focus in Sustaining A Free Society.

The book first outlines in practical real-world terms fifteen conditions that must be in place to sustain a free society. One critical condition given extended consideration is the need for a long-term time perspective. Conditions do not exist in the abstract: they are created by people and the choices we make. Thus we need to consider the roles and responsibilities of those involved in a free a society: citizens and those they choose as leaders. We are not born knowing our responsibilities as citizens and leaders: these matters have to be learned. Sustaining a Free Society moves to a consideration of the role schools must play in ensuring that future generations know and value a free society and are prepared to in turn assume their responsibilities.

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August 01, 2021
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