The Rearing and Management of Wild Duck for Stock or Shooting

by R. D. Cank (Author)
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This text contains a detailed guide to the breeding and rearing of wild duck for stock or shooting. This book is written and published in the hope and belief that it may be the means of encouraging the rearing of wild ducks by those who have hesitated from lack of experience, or from the belief that there is not the time available to rear wild ducks. The chapters of this book include: 'Procedure on Shooting Days and Management of Ducks', 'Small and Large Shoots', 'Sitting and Hatching', 'Attention to Young Ducklings during Hatching', 'Feeding Young Ducklings', 'Food to Use', 'Attention to Young Ducklings during Bad Weather', 'Summary of Chief Points on Rearing and Note on Feather Eating', 'Summary of Procedure for Shooting Days', 'Tame Ducklings', and 'Conclusion'. We are proud to republish this antique text now complete with a new introduction to shooting wildfowl.

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June 28, 2021
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