Milatu Fought Against the Terrorists in Macao Casino

by Yishun Lu (Author)
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In adversity, find the path and stick with it longer, you will dig the diamond in the ream!In the prosperity, find yourselves, not proud and complacent, you can grasp rare snow lotus!Go downhill quickly with the heart, can not stop the brakes in time, you will see the dawn at the bottom of the valley!Go uphill, you are not always on a bridge or the top of a mountain, if got to the top and you’ll make way for new people!Everything in the world is changing quickly, find that wisp of fragrance, from now on understanding, care and hope!Remarks of great man:Failure can come again, the future is own!----------Mr Xu Tei-li (Mentor to chairman MAO)See right, then boldly try, boldly rush.----------General secretary Deng XiaopingInnovation is the soul of national progress and an inexhaustible driving force.-----------President Jiang ZeminIt's no use complaining; you have to do it first!-----------President Hu JintaoHe who digs a well rises from three inches of rock to the depths. -----------President Xi Jinping

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June 24, 2021
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