Having Your Say: Threats to Free Speech in the 21st Century

by J. R. Shackleton (Author), David S. Oderberg (Author), Philip Booth (Author), Nick Cowen (Author), Stephen Davies (Author), Claire Fox (Author), Dennis Hayes (Author), Victoria Hewson (Author), Leo Kearse (Author), Jacob Mchangama (Author), J. R. Shackleton (Editor)
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Today should be a Golden Age for free speech – with technology providing more ways of communicating ideas and opinions than ever before. Yet we’re actually witnessing a growing wave of restrictions on freedom of thought and expression. In Having Your Say a variety of authors – academics, philosophers, comedians and more – stress the fundamental importance of free speech, one of the cornerstones of classical liberalism. And they provide informed and incisive insights on this worrying trend, which threatens to usher in a new, intolerant and censorious era.

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July 01, 2021
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