Mountain Cabin

Mountain Cabin

by A.J. Mayes (Author)
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Raised as an independent Montana girl, Alex loves the freedom she feels when she hikes alone through wilderness. While hiking a mountain, she falls and unable to walk, she waits. A wolf howl sparks dread, then out of the rain-drenched night, Clay comes to save her. Can these two souls find love on their own, or do they need the help of her husky, and his wolf?

Alex swung the flashlight over the terrain, then saw a gray wolf, his amber eyes looking down at her. Oh, hell. He’s huge. Yukon will try, but she can’t protect me from a predator like that.

Gut-wrenching dread consumed her while the wolf eyed her.

The wolf made no sound, and she held her breath while his glowing eyes penetrated her soul. Yukon moved between her and the wolf, her growls low. The wolf continued his stare, and Alex sensed he was thinking things over. She wondered if this was the night death came for her, and her heart galloped wildly in her chest. The cold rain turned torrential, and the wolf slowly turned, then loped up the mountain.

Alex exhaled sharply, gulped in air, and, calling Yukon to her, hugged her. “That was close, girl. Thanks for protecting me.”

The husky licked her face.

“I love you, too.” She rested her back against the boulder. “We’re okay, now. The wolf went to hunt other prey.”

Time passed. Suddenly, Yukon leapt to her feet, growled, and took off. As the husky disappeared into the darkness, Alex struggled to control her utter fear. Oh my God, I’m alone! Where’d she go? Is the gray wolf back?

She took a breath and waited for death to come once more.

Her heart soared when Yukon ran to her and wagged her tail, then relief surged through her body. From nowhere, a tall man in full rain gear, his head covered by a fur hood, walked towards her. Blinded by the man’s flashlight, her breath caught in her throat when she heard his deep masculine voice. “Looks like you need some help. Did you fall?”

“Yes. I made a stupid mistake.” She shielded her eyes and tried to get a look at the man. “I hurt my right ankle pretty bad. I’m afraid it’s broken.”

“Name’s Clay Williams. Mind if I take a look?”

“Please. I’m Alexandra Morgan. Call me Alex.”

Clay knelt beside her, ran his hands over her ankle, and rotated her foot. She winced and gritted her teeth as sharp pain radiated from her ankle. He gently set the foot down and squeezed her leg. “It’s just a severe sprain. You’ll be good as new in a week or two.”

“I hope so.” His fingers burned her skin, and she felt tingles inside. “How did you find me, Clay?”

“That can wait. The rain will turn to snow soon and you’re wearing shorts. Let’s get you out of the cold. I have a cabin not far from here.”

“You live on the mountain?”

“Yep. With your ankle, I’ll have to carry you.”

“I know. Keep your eyes open. There’s a huge gray wolf hunting near here. He scared the shit outta me and Yukon half an hour before you showed up.”

“This is his territory, but he’s no danger to humans. The wolf was just curious.”

“Yeah. I think he wanted to know if I taste good.”

“Can’t blame him, Alex ... I’m wondering the same thing.”

She laughed. “Seriously? I’m a damsel in distress and you’re hitting on me?”

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July 05, 2021
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