On Resistance

by Collins Ii,Reuben B. (Author)
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This series of essays address the ongoing debate centered on how patriotism is defined and who is a patriot. True patriotism is much broader than how it has been traditionally described in American society. There is a spirit of opposition within the nation’s history that has never been credited for being the primary source of developing American democracy.

“On Resistance” makes the case that activist groups such as the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, (BPP) have set the tone by making our nation a more just and open society. I offer a new definition for patriotism that highlights the voice of opposition and activism. The nation’s “Radical Democratic Tradition” has been at the forefront of articulating the true meaning of democracy in our society. Readers of this book will see how this “Radical” tradition became the strength behind shifting our nation beyond the preservation of the basic “property rights” of our citizens to an emphasis in upholding our citizen’s basic civil rights.

Publication date
June 29, 2021
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