News Media Innovation Reconsidered

by Maria Luengo (Editor), Susana Herrera-Damas (Editor)
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A guide to journalistic ethics for today’s digital technologies

With contributions from an international panel of experts on the topic, News Media Innovation Reconsidered offers a guide for the revitalizing of the ethical and civil ideals of journalism. The authors discuss how to energize journalistic practices and products and explore how to harness the power of digital technological innovations such as immersive journalism, the automatization and personalization of news, newsgames, and artificial-intelligence news production.

The book presents an innovative framework of “creative reconstruction” and reviews new journalistic concepts, models, initiatives, and practices that clearly demonstrate professional ethics that embrace truth seeking, transparency, fact checking, and accuracy, and other ethical considerations. While the contributors represent numerous countries, many of examples are drawn from the Spanish-speaking media and can serve as models for an international audience. This important book:

  • Explores the impact on the news media from mobile-first, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence-driven platforms
  • Examines the challenges of maintaining journalistic ethics in today’s digital world
  • Demonstrates how to use technology to expose readers to news outside their comfort zones
  • Provides information for discerning truth from fake news

Written for researchers, students in journalism and communication programs, New Media Innovation Reconsidered offers a much-needed guide for recreating journalistic ethics in our digital age.

Publication date
July 05, 2021
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