Religion, Neuroscience and New Physics in Dialogue

by Darren Marks (Author)
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Can we live with being merely a brain with a history of being souls? Can our supra-nature, learnt in the crucible of religion and expressed in theology, survive without being exiled to the quantum mysteries of consciousness? Our very survival depends on these questions being answered and in a manner by which a non-expert can understand.

The book explores these ideas and posits how we might be able to understand ourselves as merely brain without the confusion of pixie dust in the nanotubules, reorienting ourselves to the idea of Nature, and our humane ethical response. By looking at the challenge of neuroscience to identity and our souls, the book explores the tension of being scientific and theological and helps guide the reader to what can be said by either front in our axial age.

The work places the soul, neuroscience and the new physics (as refuge for emergence of souls) into a conversation that considers what can be said about the Real of reality, including G-d. The book works theology, religion and science together so that each is given its voice and place in the conversation on how humans can become nature realists as a response to our challenges as a species with respect to climate change and worldwide pandemics.

Publication date
August 03, 2021
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