Energy Is Power

by Holly Harrell (Author)
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Welcome toEnergy is PowerThis is a book to help you understand vibrational energy and how it effects your bodyMy journey has been to find the answer to how we can heal ourselves and understand how energy works. Throughout my life I have found an understanding that simple vibrational energy is all around us and is the key to our health and happiness. I have created a four pillar plan to help you understand how higher vibrational energy is the key to living a more healthy and happier life. The four pillars are divided up into diet, exercise, ego or emotions and our higher power or spirituality. All are important to understand each vibrational energy pillar and learn to raise each one.Let me walk you through a simple to understand program that I have developed to help you take control of your own life. The higher you vibrate, the more miracles will come to you and your chosen path that you were meant to live, will be part of your everyday life. Let’s do this together, it is amazing and so empowering.-Holly Harrel -

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June 17, 2021
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