The Surgical Portfolio and Interview

by Joe Esland (Author), Andrew Hall (Author)
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Surgical training is highly competitive and requires preparation, dedication and an understanding of the principles of selection.

Your application will be evaluated across a range of competences according to objective criteria, with selection based primarily on your:

  • surgical portfolio – evidence of relevant experience and achievements to date, which is used to demonstrate your suitability for a role
  • surgical interview – a range of ‘stations’ designed to assess specific areas of the selection criteria

This book is a practical guide to help you build an impressive portfolio and deliver a quality performance at interview. It offers key advice on these two areas of assessment, as follows:

The surgical portfolio:

  • Advice on where to start and how to maximise the benefit you gain from each opportunity.
  • Each portfolio domain is discussed in turn, explaining the context and rationale and providing a guide to maximising your performance in each area.
  • Example opportunities are provided for you to pursue to help to adapt your experience to the specific assessment criteria.

The surgical interview:

  • Understand the rationale behind the questioning to help you tailor your answers to maximise scoring.
  • Answer templates with key guidance to help you provide effective answers based on your portfolio experiences.
  • Guidance on contemporary surgical topics to help you with discussion and debate.

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July 07, 2021
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