Oh Daddy! Do Me, I'm Bored

Oh Daddy! Do Me, I'm Bored

by Phaedrus T. Wolfe (Author)
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She's bored. And Daddy thinks she's not old enough to be seduced, she figures, but her body tells her different. Can Scarlott seduce her father, or does he prefer older women who are not his daughter? Scarlott is a pretty young woman embarking on her own special journey into young adulthood. She finds herself plagued by her emotions, and troubled by her relationship with her father, sometimes feeling guilty about her awakening sexuality. And it is through her relationship with Daddy that Scarlott at last takes major strides toward womanhood. What does Daddy think during this covid lockdown? The overwhelming problems people face in the course of their lives can frequently lead them to commit acts they would never consider under normal circumstances.

Daddy thinks I’m not old enough to for sex, she figured. But her eighteen year old body told her different.

Board, she sat in it, up to her neck. The feeling of sensual heat wash through her. Leaning her head back on the Jacuzzi deck, her arms held high while resting on the Jacuzzi sides, Scarlett sighed in pleasure. The heat felt scorching at just above a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. She imagined her large fleshyness bobbing in the roasting water that matched the day’s temperature. But flat chest only occasionally burst through the water’s surface.

The backyard Jacuzzi was isolated from public view by tall hedges under pine trees on either side, and green, rolling hills to the back. Except, nobody lived within a mile of the house in any direction. Isolated. Even a small lonely stream flowed by just a few yards away. Sparrows tweeted and mockingbirds chirped and teased each other in the branches of the pines. Worse, she felt really bored.

And Scarlett felt hotter than the water.

Her long, smooth legs were opened slightly, and she felt a tingling pulsation. She was bare-naked in the Jacuzzi as usual.

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July 09, 2021
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