Magician Fun

Magician Fun

by Angel Scott (Author)
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Cooper started out as a magician and got noticed! He enjoys the extra attention though from his assistant and girlfriend Carlie by doing the dirty deed in the disappearing box! After that, Cooper gets caught from his mom and his mom wants some extra fun by the box too! She wants to get down and dirty with the magician items that her son owns! Join this hot tale of mother and son!

As the minutes ticked by, Cooper thought about what his mother said. He looked over at his magician stuff and pictured his mom and him doing the dirty deed together. Really?! He thought to himself. Cooper thought to himself. His mom did look hot. Did he really want to risk everything though?

He sighed as he got up from the couch. He took his boxers off and headed upstairs to find his mother climbing out of the shower. Seeing his mom fully nude made him feel weak in the knees!

“Ooh, you scared me son! What are you doing up here naked?” Carrie asked as she giggled at her son. She felt horny as she looked at her son. She liked the look of his slender body. Barley any hair showed up on his body too. Extremely attractive. Unlike her hubby. Her hubby looked a bit hairy, and she did not always like it. It wasn’t a lot. But enough that it did not always look attractive to her.

“Guess I pictured us together and it made me like this. Thanks a lot mom. Shall we start?” Cooper said in a bold and confident tone.

“Sure. Let’s go downstairs to your magician box.” Carrie said with a smile.

They headed downstairs and got to the box within seconds. Carrie watched as her son belted her in and then she saw him reach for her. It made things hotter knowing she could not move too. Her son would be in control of everything! Can we say hot?!

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July 09, 2021
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