The Centered Teacher

by Julia Yu (Author)
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A much-needed book and professional growth series for new teachers intended to prevent burnout and increase teacher retention. This book together with the Find Your Center Signature Series will: 1) Wake up the mind, body, and heart so they can connect to each other and allow for wise action to come through; 2) Replace anxiety and overwhelm with present moment awareness and embodied calmness through powerful centering practices; 3) Elevate student learning with a responsive, heart-centered teacher guiding the way; 4) Create safe spaces for students by instilling boundaries that come from a place of care and compassion rather than the illusion of control; and 5) Explore how the body can become a powerful form of intervention to de-escalate conflict.

Crying every day should not be a rite of passage for new teachers. Feeling centered and empowered can be, though. 

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Publication date
July 01, 2021
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