Fun With Women

Fun With Women

by Kit Snowy (Author)
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Louis gets to have fun with two women! A dream come true for most men! He gets to fuck his girlfriend and his own mother! They even get down and dirty together! Girl and girl always feels good to see! Plus, while Kit sleeps, Louis gets more fun with mom! Enjoy this hot tale!

"Hey sexy. Wanna play?" Louis asked in a sexy voice.

"Yes." Kit answered. She reached over at her boss. She lightly touched her boss's arm and smiled.

"Ready boss" Kit winked again.

"I guess so." She giggled nervously. Louis's mom never kissed a woman before. It would be a new experience for her.

"Come here, boss." Kit said. She wiggled her finger at her. She leaned in and waited.

Louis's mom moved closer and leaned in. She waited for the next move. She watched as her coworker leaned closer and inched towards her face. A light kiss happened between them.
"What do you think now, boss" Kit asked after the kiss.

"Not bad. But one kiss won't tell me much. We need to continue." The boss said.

Kit leaned in and did a longer kiss. She made it feel sweet and sexy at the same time. She wanted her boss to know she wanted to please everyone. Her lips felt moist and ready for more kissing with both her boss and Louis.

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July 09, 2021
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