Journey of the Great Circle

by Oman Ken (Author)
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Journey of The Great Circle is a collection of 365 contemplative narratives designed as a daily transformative practice for the purpose of personal transformation. The annual collection of narratives is divided into four volumes, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn each beginning on either the solstice or equinox. Each of the 365 narratives has a specific spiritual theme to help you gain a more expansive understanding of what really matters - and points you to how to live a life with peace of mind and inner freedom. The various themes of the narratives involve insights from spirituality, quantum physics, the evolutionary perspective, the study of visionary archetypes, healing, and transformative practice. Journey of The Great Circle can be thought of as “a spiritual map of an awakening life”.A life of inner freedom is when one consciously realizes the perfection that’s always unfolding within - and within all of life. Living with this awareness allows the natural states of peace, happiness, joy and harmony to effortlessly arise. It is a life of one who has devotedly learned to love others and all of life unconditionally - and who has gained the joyful awareness of serving the wellbeing of others. In these writings, one who attains this level of mastery is referred to as a Master of Freedom.We are all natural-born storytellers with a mandate from Life to generate the most fulfilling and creative story of life we can imagine. Every day is a new opportunity to make our life story a little more glorious, a little more fulfilling, a little more creative. We are the authors of this story in every moment of our lives based on the intentions we choose, either consciously or unconsciously. For most people, in order to have the most glorious, fulfilling, creative, and peaceful life requires some form of spiritual practice necessitating conscious attention each day. Journey of The Great Circle utilizes a transformative system of daily practices that can help you:1) Experience a life of peace, happiness, joy, harmony, and fulfilling creative expression.2) Prepare for the day's activities and surprises that await you so you can meet each situation from the “sanctuary” of heart wisdom, gratitude, and centeredness.3) Connect to the inner guidance of the heart so you may live you life with ease and grace. 4) Learn to love every expression of life unconditionally.5) Maintain a conscious alignment with a Greater Power. A Greater Power has been called myriad names, including but not limited to, the Source of Life, the Infinite Presence of Love, God, the Great Spirit, and the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe.When Journey of The Great Circle is used on a daily basis it will help cultivate inner freedom and assist you in fulfilling your sacred destiny of an awakened life as a Master of Freedom.

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June 23, 2021
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