Conscious Praise

by Julia Ibok Essien (Author)
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In a world beset by uncertainty, prejudice and fear, humans often find darkness reigning over their lives. My life has also entailed several phases of such darkness, be it as a child, a sister, a student, a professional, a wife, I have often encountered situations which felt like the hour of shadows. However, I have stuck to my guns and kept my faith, and by the strength and grace of God, I have not strayed away from the Path of Light, always keeping the Praise of the Lord between my lips. This book is a reflection of my unequivocal belief in your ability to seek the Light even in the darkest of hours; throughout its pages, you will see how praising the Lord can help change your life, even when you believe all is lost. This book is here to challenge you to battle through life’s hardships and hold onto Light and Life. After all, the only battles that have not been won are those that have never been fought…

Publication date
June 23, 2021
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