The Goldilocks Venture Book 2

by Hélène Hannan (Author)
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A complex tale of vengeance.

Cast unwittingly into the 23rd century, Captain Camille Tremblay and her fellow astronauts look forward to finding their place in a fascinating new Earth at a time when advanced life on other worlds is taken for granted. Camille optimistically accepts her new role as leader of the multi-world mining business she inherited. Life, even with a stubborn AI, with Marquis in their luxurious castle is a dream.

But something sinister lurks in their happily ever after. Everything is not as it seems. Taunting nightmares torment a guilt-ridden Camille, as menacing unseen forces close in. When the forces turn deadly, Camille is blamed and needs to uncover the mystery to clear herself and protect her friends.

Meanwhile, no one realizes that their carefree friends left behind on the exoplanet could fall prey a terrifying enemy of their own. Forced to rely on the dubious AI and pursued by the authorities, Camille and Marquis embark on a dangerous journey to a distant world in a perilous race against the unknown.

Publication date
July 06, 2021
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