SHEROES of the Bible

by Lauren L. Nelson (Author)
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Mom, I have a question: Does God think boys are more important than girls, because all we ever learn about in church are boys?

This question, from Lauren L. Nelson’s 7-year-old daughter, led her to write SHEROES of the Bible. Many have heard of the remarkable men in scripture but lesser known are the dynamic women who trusted God and did astonishingly courageous things when they chose faith over fear. SHEROES of the Bible awakens girls to the reality that God can use them to radically change the world. Within, Lauren shares the 20 stories of 26 women from the Bible who became SHEROES when they chose to trust God in difficult situations. As its name portrays, SHEROES of the Bible provides strong female role models who are relevant to past, present, and future generations.

Lauren presents a well-rounded collection of stories with ethnically diverse illustrations that are sure to impact children all over the world. SHEROES of the Bible is needed in every household, church, and discipleship program around the globe. Girls, young and old, will be inspired to become the dynamic, strong women that God created them to be. Included in each story are three to four devotional questions to help children personally apply what they have learned so that their faith becomes their own personal experience.

Publication date
August 03, 2021
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