Garbadon Major

Garbadon Major

by S.C. Mae (Author)
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Jazz Healy and her gene-spliced cat, Rainbow Ninja, are deep in the bowels of the planetoid Kinon. They’re hunting Arteen Vendta, a scumbag with nothing much going for him except a long rap sheet.

Jazz doesn’t feel like she’s got much going for her right now, either. A few months ago a budding relationship broke down and the hurt she continues to feel has only reaffirmed her belief that it’s better to be alone. Still, while Rainbow Ninja is great, Jazz does find herself missing the type of company she can hold a conversation with.

Cue the entry of Jazz’s criminal kingpin mother with a job offer. A basic search-and-retrieve with excellent pay but Jazz knows things are never that clear-cut when Mother’s involved. Being needed is an attractive feeling, though. Will Jazz wise up in time or will she find herself strangled in Mother’s web?

Publication date
August 03, 2021
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