MILF Tails: Sex Drunk

MILF Tails: Sex Drunk

by Laura Lovecraft (Author)
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During the week Charlene is all work and no play, but on the weekends she transforms into her bad girl alter-ego Charlie who drinks hard, plays hard, and likes her men young and hard. When she wakes from a wild night, she's not just hungover, she's sex drunk. The only cure is more of the snake that bit her and Zane, the young man who showed up to fix her sink, is just what the doctor ordered!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

"Not sure coffee will do the trick," Zane told her. "Usually when you need more of the snake that bit you."

"Not a bad idea if the snake was still slithering around," she sighed. "All I woke up to was hangover."

"Hard to believe you couldn't charm a snake into staying the night," Zane grinned while making no effort to stop staring at her legs.

"I don't bring them home, and I don't stay at their place." she smirked. "Their parents might get mad."

That one got him, his eyes briefly widened, and his jaw dropped slightly. To his credit he recovered quickly. 

"Guess so, moms are always telling their kids not to take candy from strangers."

"You saying I look sweet enough to eat?" she kept going, seeing if he'd keep up or if her being this blatant would rattle him. 

"No, there's nothing sweet looking about you," he shook his head. 

"Thanks," she pretended to be put off.

"Hey, I didn't say you didn't look edible, just not sweet."

"Nice save, your tongue always that quick?" she raised her eyebrows. 

"It's as fast or slow as it needs to be." Damn, he was still keeping it going. 

"How fast do you think it would need to be right now?" she tilted her chin as if challenging him to answer.

His confidence wavered, and he gestured back to the counter. "Just saying I think you might need more than coffee right now."

Still teasing, or backing off? Charlie wasn't too used to having to fish this much.

"No, it doesn't have the kind of cream I could use right now." 

"I'm kind of getting that impression."

 He looked down into his tool bag leaving her to wonder if this was still a game, but only on her end. Was she really considering making a move?

She did live here, and he worked here which broke her rule of one and done, have a nice life, stands. But he was so hot! His flirting with her had her blood up. A lot of young guys weren't this smooth.

Not just smooth in their back-and-forth innuendos, but he didn't seem nervous. Better yet, he was relaxed and exhibiting a patience lacking in most of the young men she targeted.

Zane hadn't said anything overly forward, staying within the boundaries of their teasing. Either he didn't think she was serious, or was sitting back waiting for her to take it to the next level.

The fact he wasn't trying to take the reins was another cause for the growing heat between her legs, and the dull ache in her equally erect nipples and clit. She liked her young men confident, but not pushy or grabby, letting her dictate the action.

"Guess they don't sell that kind," he scrunched his face up. "Be kind of gross if they did."

"And no fun if I can't milk it from the source," she countered. "What I need right now is a little good old fashioned morning glory."

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July 13, 2021
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