Dark Horse Prophecy

by L. A. Green (Author)
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In a legendary beginning, a God created the Earth and all living things on it. The final part of almost all these creations is mankind, male or female. In Hebrew, Adam and Eve.The final creation was Original Humanity.Then a Deceiver came among them and pulled a number of Original Humanity into a path of conquering wars. These new beings, Corrupted Ones, came forth out of the Original Humanity - destroying, killing and stealing anything in their path. To preserve the purity of the Eternal, the Corrupted Ones were sent away, Original Humanity was divided.From the separated peoples came forth the Nations of the Earth. From these many Nations, a selected few have risen throughout history to places of renown. These were spirits incarnate from an older time.They are spirits that were meant to rise again.

Publication date
July 12, 2021
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