Leading, Growing, and Sustaining God’s Church

by Clarence Duff Ph.D. (Author)
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Focusing on what facilitates effective leadership, church growth, and retention, this book sets forth a process-oriented framework for understanding the dynamics of church growth and what works for and against it.

The author, who is currently serving as the senior pastor of a local church in the City of Brampton, Ontario, for more than twenty years, highlights basic concepts and practices related to church leadership and growth. He considers questions such as:

Why do some churches grow in numbers while others lag?
What are the dynamic processes, strategies, and pathways that underlie effective leadership, church growth, and retention?
How can the answers to these questions inform endeavors to increase and retain church membership?

The author also asks if it’s true that God is in partnership with his leaders, why are so many of our local churches not growing but declining?

The world the church was established in more than two thousand years ago is not the world we live in today. Rethink what it means to lead, grow, and retain membership in a changing world with this important book.

Publication date
July 13, 2021
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