De-Stress the Test

by Martha Kaufeldt (Author)
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The test. Students dread this phrase, whether it refers to chapter tests, finals, standardized achievement tests, Advanced Placement exams, the ACT and SAT, or other testing experiences. In De-Stress the Test, author Martha Kaufeldt details actionable steps you can take throughout the school year to alleviate student anxiety and create brain-friendly classrooms full of focus and learning.

Leverage brain-based learning to boost student self-efficacy and relieve the pressure and stress that accompany high-stakes testing:

  • Understand the negative effects tests can have on students, teachers, and parents.
  • Help students develop social-emotional learning skills and a growth mindset.
  • Use formative assessments to accelerate learning and build students' confidence.
  • Implement mindfulness strategies in the classroom to mitigate student stress and anxiety.
  • Learn long- and short-term practical methods for ensuring students' mental, emotional, and physical readiness for tests.


Part 1: High-Stakes Tests and Stress
Chapter 1: The Meaning of High-Stakes Tests
Chapter 2: The Stress of High-Stakes Testing

Part 2: Stress Prevention and Management Strategies
Chapter 3: Body- and Brain-Friendly Classrooms and Testing Environments
Chapter 4: The Development of Student Agency Through Self-Efficacy, Growth Mindset, and Perseverance
Chapter 5: Mindfulness Practices for the Classroom

Part 3: Ways to Prepare Students for High-Stakes Tests
Chapter 6: Feedback and Formative Assessments
Chapter 7: Academic Vocabulary Instruction
Chapter 8: Test Prep for Students and Teachers

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July 23, 2021
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