Capturing the Classroom

by Ellen I. Linnihan (Author)
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Harness the power of video to cultivate equity, create stability, and reach students any time. With Capturing the Classrooms, you will explore doable ways to establish, organize, share, and maintain a video archive to support any content area or curriculum and facilitate professional development. Learn how to capture lectures, labs, classroom discussions, tutorials, review sessions, and more. Whether you have access to high-end video equipment or simply a smartphone, you've got this.

  • Understand the need for a video lesson archive, and how it creates a communal atmosphere for students.
  • Learn what makes a video archive effective.
  • Explore how a video archive can enhance standard classroom learning and grow student confidence.
  • Create effective, varied videos for your own archive to implement into your teaching practices.
  • Carry over videos from year to year, making the necessary adjustments and alterations based on feedback and change.

Chapter 1: Creating a Diverse Archive Throughout the School Year
Chapter 2: Preparing Before the Students Arrive
Chapter 3: Building Communication Confidence
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July 23, 2021
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