Miracles Unfolding

by Shelley Thody (Author)
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The truth is that we live in a turbulent world filled with sin, temptation and lies just waiting to pull us under. Things that initially make us feel they would enhance our lives, often lead to consequences such as losing a job, wife, family, self-worth and dignity. I once lived and participated in this longing for worldly things for a large part of my life. It is exhausting and never rewarding. We can never do enough or have enough to be completely satisfied. It leaves a person feeling hopeless and alone.

There is hope in Jesus. That is the difference. God intended for us to live in His truth, love and light. He is our Creator. When we listen to His calling and He grants us His grace, the storms become glassy, calm waters. The temptations and longing change into satisfaction in an amazing relationship with Jesus. He fills our cups. He is the cure. He is the answer.

In this book, you will read some of God’s amazing miracles that happened 2000 years ago when Jesus lived on the earth and you will also read about miracles that have happened recently. Jesus still lives in those who believe through His Holy Spirit. These miracles have happened over the past few years to my family and to close friends of mine. They are incredible. We are so very grateful, and they need to be shared.

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July 14, 2021
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