The power of the will (translated)

The power of the will (translated)

by Paul C. Jagot (Author)
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To possess great strength of character; the self-confidence to take the initiative and succeed; a thoughtful, resolute, tenacious will; the ability to dominate oneself, to guide oneself deliberately; a clear, easy, judicious confidence in the presence of anyone; the gift of influencing the thoughts and dispositions of others; the mental vigour and dexterity necessary to overcome a thousand kinds of difficulty: all this, indeed, seems inaccessible to most of us. These things, however, can be acquired. This book will show you how to methodically determine in yourself, to a large extent, all these qualities. To fortify by education the will, the power that governs the consciousness, is a matter of exercise. The subordination of the various psychological activities to the reflexive control of the intelligence is the greatest quality of success, because it makes one fit to act in spite of obstacle or difficulty, in accordance with a decision or principle fixed in advance. At a certain stage of psychic development, the will is constantly and intimately associated with the central "I". It enables the will to direct one's thoughts, to moderate or heighten, as the case may be, emotions or impulses, and to reign supreme over the sensory states. Precise, continuous, intense volitions have, of course, a much more effective action at a distance than indecisive, fugitive, and neglected thoughts. Thus, the individual psychic influence is increased by reducing the multiplicity of moods and by learning to think energetically. In this book we will deal with a method of developing the will; first of all, with self-control, then with the practice of mental influence at a distance over one or more persons, and finally with the application of the methods of voluntary conditioning of destiny. The first effects result first in an impulse to mental initiative, then in a feeling of security, of "power": one has the consciousness of being capable of efforts of will. Gradually one's self-mastery increases, and soon one's senses, one's sensitivity, one's intellect are directed with the greatest satisfaction. Even independently of the direct tele-psychic influence on others, it is evident that one has succeeded in learning to master oneself, to reason about one's impressions. A look that expresses determination, a precise and judiciously conducted speech, a calm and energetic attitude, all make a considerable impression. The man will carry out what he has planned in a manifestly active manner, with full attention to what he is doing, passing at the appointed time to the next occupation, maintaining throughout all the phases of his work the same directive expressing the same volition. The title of this volume: "The Power of the Will" is therefore strictly justified from the most positive point of view.

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