Telepatia, veggence and divination (translated)

Telepatia, veggence and divination (translated)

by aa. vv (Author)
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The question that this book seeks to answer, and one that everyone must have asked themselves at least once in their lives, is: are telepathy, clairvoyance and divination of the future gifts? Are they techniques? Are they both? Are they the effect of a particular predisposition of a few or are they present in each of us? And in the latter hypothesis (which is no longer hypothesis but certainty), how can these potential faculties be developed?

From reading and, why not, studying the pages of this book, it will become clear that the starting point for everyone is the subtle alchemy that separates us from the outside world. By overcoming this, the development of what Colin Wilson calls the 'latent sense' or the 'X-faculty' can be achieved.

This, according to Wilson, is the power that allows each of us to overcome the limitations of the present. For we know that the past is as real as the present and that New York, Singapore or Tokyo exist as much as, and as much as, the place where we are at this very moment. But our senses convey a different reality to us and assure us that the place where we are now is absolutely more real than any other place, no matter at what time. And that this is false only appears to us in moments of great inner intensity.

So we are victims of a virtual reality that determines in us a very dangerous passive receptivity because it creates a condition of boredom and stagnation that would also explain the incredibly gratuitous and violent nature of certain crimes. In order to come out of this, man must strengthen his "mental muscle". And it will be less difficult than it may seem if we really want to.

The method described in this book is not the product of more or less feasible theoretical conceptions designed to provoke clairvoyance in readers eager for experimentation. On the contrary, the method is essentially positive, since it is the conclusion of not a few thousand experiments undertaken over a period of about twenty years, by a considerable number of subjects of all categories. It produces remarkable effects with normally evolved individuals, especially with persons capable of maintaining constant serenity or animated by a sincere desire for moral elevation; in the final analysis, the method brings to all, at more or less intense levels, new and superior subjective states, since it constitutes a real psychic and mental culture.

Are clairvoyance, telepathy, premonitory divination embryonic within us? Let us try to follow this method which, if we really want it, can guide us BEYOND THE LIMIT.


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