Morgan's Station

by Charles Jay Bishop (Author)
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______________________________________________________________Kentucky GazetteNUMB. XXIX Quidquid agunt homines-nostri farrago libelli. Juv. Sat. 8. v. 8 VOL. VI______________________________________________________________S A T U R D A Y, April 6, 1793______________________________________________________________LEXINGTON; Printed by John Bradford at his office on Main Street: where subscriptions, (at Fifteen Shillings per Annum) Advertisements are thankfully received, and Printing in its different branches done with care and expedition:__________________________________________________________________On Monday evening last, Morgan's Station on Slate Creek, was taken and burnt by a party of thirty-five Indians; Two of the inhabitants were killed and nineteen taken prisoner; they were pursued, and within about thirty miles the whole of the prisoners were found tomahawked and scalped, one of which (a woman) was found alive and in her senses, after being tomahawked and two scalps taken off.-we have the above information from the husband of the unfortunate woman.The above is the actual article printed after the attack. Only Robert Craig's, a fraught husband and grieving father, description of events came from desperation. Not all the prisoners were killed during the Indian's escape from Morgan's Station, and their pursuit did not end within about thirty miles of the attack. Negotiations won back several of the enslaved over the following years. But then it is also true some were never heard from or seen again. Open up the book, step back in time, become a frontiersman or woman, and see Eastern Kentucky as you have never seen it before in a true American story about the struggle for Western expansion on the Kentucky frontier, Morgan's Station.Follow Morgan's Station Facebook group for book signing information or speaking engagements.

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July 21, 2021
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