by Helga Burkhart (Author)
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When Anne Richards wakes up in a hospital with her parents nervously standing above her, she’s confused. Why is she there? How did she end up in a coma? Terrible memories begin to resurface: a snowy drive on Thanksgiving Day, the sound of scraping metal, and blinking taillights.

Anne lost her husband and two children in a car crash and now must find a way to live with the unbearable pain. Her loss plunges her into despair that therapy can’t help. She sets off on an emotional and spiritual journey in the hopes of finding relief.

A cat and a little boy begin the healing process. After a rough start, the little boy’s father helps, as well. To fully restore her wounded soul, Anne must embrace God’s faithfulness and begin to accept that even bad things happen for His purpose and our good.

Publication date
July 19, 2021
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