If but One Wish

by Bonita J. B. Sallis (Author)
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“If only”, the sad refrain, so familiar, yet seemingly so limited, takes each character to the edge of their own personal cliffs. Regardless of the road taken, invariably, all roads lead to Destiny. No matter how far flung we find ourselves in life, the Force that Governs tomorrow, is never, ever, very far away. Faith, Choice and Fate ever surround us, so that Destiny can take center stage.

Will loves Rain. Rain loves Ian. Ian loves another woman. Three lives, three loves and so three families are caught up in this tempest. The name of Love can offer many faces. True Love has only one face. Will, Rain and Ian all want to see their own dreams fulfilled. But Desperation, Infidelity, and Karma entangle all of them, turning their lives upside down. Be mindful of how you choose to tread in this lifetime. The Law of Sowing and Reaping is absolute. Forgiveness becomes the Master Key to still this storm, and could mean the difference between life or death of an innocent child.

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July 19, 2021
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