Winning Again

by Kevin Ver Hoeven (Author)
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The church in little America is on a losing streak—and it has been for the past thirty years.

But it can be stopped and the church can start winning again even in rural areas, according to Kevin Ver Hoeven, who has spent almost four decades pastoring churches in small places.

In this book, he outlines the sins that are most prevalent in small-town America and what churches and worshipers of Christ can do to get better. Find out how to:

• focus on thriving on a spiritual level;
• abandon the demons of unbelief;
• spread the Word of God to others.

The author also recalls the moments when he has had to say goodbye to young families leaving little America for bigger America. He has not only said goodbye to friends, but he has said goodbye to brothers and sisters in Christ who would have been pillars in the church and community if they had stayed.

God is just as committed to building his kingdom in little America as he is in big America—and you must never get lured into believing that just because you live in a little place that you have a little God.

Publication date
July 19, 2021
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