Message To A Stranger

Message To A Stranger

by Josy Gracy (Author)
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The Letters Saga narrates the story of a teenager, her fears, her weaknesses, her love for a wealthy boy, and the bullying she suffers at school.

A girl writes letters and puts them in an old, abandoned mailbox. Who’s the author of those letters and why does she leave them there? She’s disappointed, hurt, and confused; a girl with many secrets and a life that isn’t as usual as the rest. She’s beautiful, smart, the school’s star student. All of the boys want her, but only one managed to steal her heart. Everything seemed perfect until Jhenifer Parmount came. She caught everyone’s attention from the start with her angelical face and her beauty, including the girl’s boyfriend: Connor Dremachovick and was only happy after taking him out of her life. What she didn’t count on was having destiny bring back her old love, leaving her even more confused than ever. Would she be able to forgive him? And what about her own rekindled feelings for Connor, a man she was trying to forget? The girl began writing letters every day to a stranger. The past had made her a shy person, fearful and introverted, but through paper she knows how to use words to express what goes on within herself, all of those hidden feelings of love, hate, deception, and hope. What’s the incentive behind writing to a stranger? Will he find out who the author of the letters is?


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July 23, 2021
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