Improv Shaman

by Keli Semelsberger (Author)
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Improv comedy is known as a challenging comedic performance art, which Keli has been teaching, directing and performing for over a quarter of a century. As Keli expanded her world view by traveling to sacred places and training with master spiritual teachers, she came to understand that improv was not just her art and her job, it was her medicine. Not only was it her practice to sooth her own soul, but it was the way in which she, has been able to be a "hollow bone" and let the healing energy of Divine play move through her and transform the lives of her students. This book is her love letter to improv, and to all the brave souls willing to live in the moment, to accept themselves and others as they are, and to co create with the world by saying YES, and.....

Publication date
July 19, 2021
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