This Is True Love

by Adam Wolfe (Author)
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What is true love? How can so many people experience it while others seem to be missing out? In This is True Love, author Dr. Adam Wolfe helps singles and courting couples prepare for a lifelong, loving relationship. He also helps married couples repair, strengthen, and enhance their relationship in ways they’ve never experienced or thought possible. And he offers discussion questions for those who have been divorced so they can reflect on what they’ve learned from past relationships and move forward with full confidence.

Wolfe provides deep insights on the hottest topics that can either keep the flames of love alive or put the fire out. This is True Love shares some hidden truths and helps you ponder the following questions:

What do you expect to put into and get out of the marriage?
What are your most important needs and desires?
How will you handle and interact with family and friends?
How will you make and manage money?
How well do the two of you communicate?
How much passion and intimacy is there in the relationship?

Rooted in scripture and with discussion questions included, Wolfe helps you understand more about yourself and/or your partner and why some marriages succeed and others fail. It encourages you to make the right choices with your current or future partner.

Publication date
July 19, 2021
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