Modeling and Design Photonics by Examples Using MATLAB®

by Dan Nguyen (Author)
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As a broad area of science and technology, modeling and computational photonics is an ever-growing and developing topic. Covering the crucial foundations of photonics, as well as delving into the more complex aspects of the field, Modeling and Design Photonics by Examples with MATLAB® is a comprehensive study of computational photonics that will bridge the gap between academic and industrial worlds. Using MATLAB® code to help provide solutions, this book will help readers to use modelling as an effective tool for designing and optimizing photonic systems.

Key Features

  • Bridges the gap between academic descriptions and real modeling works in photonics.
  • Provides details of physics and mathematical models of the problems.
  • Includes MATLAB® codes for some important problems that are still new to many readers.
  • Presents detailed explanations of the physics and solutions from the modeling results.
  • Helps readers to use modeling as a tool for designing and optimizing photonics systems.

Publication date
July 26, 2021
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