Mag Gatling

by Thomas,Tr (Author)
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Mag Gatling started her journey to become a female adversary dreaming in a sandbox. The nature of her vendetta against a particular antagonist unfolds across richly-illustrated pages, short hints, and teasers. Her adventure pursuing a mysterious but tainted target takes her to many different areas designed to either slow her progress or kill her outright. Who is the mysterious Kruger, and why is she so intent on catching and ending him? From boot camp to barrens, bayou to monstrous factory, then funhouse, she tests traps and her own iron will to capture the man with facial scars of some mysterious significance.

Her second adventure begins in a graveyard and progresses to a booby-trapped amusement park, to a poisoned prison, dockside ambush, and finally aboard a freighter bound for her next destination to find Kruger somewhere in Nova Scotia. This relentless pursuit may take her beyond normal protection, or will it? Apparently, aboard a ship about to be capsized by a fierce storm, she seems to accept her final fate. But chance and family will provide a surprising rescue in another series introducing her little brother, Gram.

Publication date
July 22, 2021
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