My Wisdom Breathes

by Robert A. Wilson (Author)
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Read My Wisdom Breathes out loud without trying to know what you’re reading to allow yourself the freedom to go on a journey of imaginative inlightenmint that opens your adventurer’s eyes to having funMy Wisdom Breathes is written in first person minimal punctuation politically incorrect grammatically improper and written to discharge and soar you out of your past to experience your nunow My Wisdom Breathes is a book written to be carried with you wherever you go and when you are experiencing a bad day you can open My Wisdom Breathes to any page and expand out of your bad dayTo expand of optimistic foresight to feel a better way to experience your day as I wrote My Wisdom Breathes to show people the way I expanded my life to open your heart and soul to your trailblazer talents

Publication date
July 20, 2021
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