The Trilogy One Human's Evolution Through Poetry

by Marilyn Morrison (Author)
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Marilyn’s life has been a series of challenging experiences, not unlike most of the human population. Early on, she felt disconnected and alone even in her own family. Her artful heart never gave up.She studied many religions, philosophies, and the ideas of the great thinkers. By the 1990s she was formulating her life as only the artistic heart can do. From sculpture to charcoal drawing, to poetry, singing, and journaling, she found a place inside that she could connect to and a feeling of freedom to be herself. The inspiration comes from her children, her ideals, and her profound interest in humanity, and the course of events that continue to alter and affect her direction. Persistence has become her motto, gratitude her daily practice, and a pointed focus on the minutiae of energy that allows change into each day.

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July 21, 2021
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