The Catastrophe in the Garden

by Zollie L. Smith (Author)
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To comprehend, understand, and appreciate God, we must know his creation story and how it shapes our life story. The uniqueness of this story provides us with the only factual and truthful account of how humans came into existence and occupied their habitat, earth. In The Catastrophe in the Garden, author Zollie L. Smith walks us through the story of creation.

He discusses the battle between God and Satan and lays out each of their strategies, setting the stage for the battle between good and evil. The Catastrophe in the Garden ushers you through God’s supernatural plan of salvation so you will crush Satan’s head by receiving the good news that Jesus saves.

Beginning in the Garden of Eden and journeying through every stage of life, Smith makes the stories and scriptures in the Bible come alive. He shows us how God chose us to be a key asset for the good of his creation because we are a vital part of its story.

Publication date
July 20, 2021
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