Communication Means Talking Together

by Arjun Buxi (Author)
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Everyone knows communication is important but ask them to define it and you’ll probably get befuddled looks.

Arjun Buxi, an executive coach and university lecturer in communication and leadership, knows the answer: Communication means talking together—and it is no easy task.

In this no-fluff guide to communicating, he explains what it is, how to do it, and how mastering it can help you accomplish big goals. Find out how to:

• Overcome fear and nervousness when talking in front of a group.
• Tell meaningful stories to drive interest and engagement.
• Take advantage of speaking opportunities that sneak up on you.
• Focus on the flow of speeches and presentations.

The author also highlights how to navigate difficult conversations with a supervisor, how to make convincing arguments, managing your team through highs and lows, selling ideas to management, and getting people to truly listen to you.

Packed with tried-and-true techniques tested in the corporate jungle, this is a must-have handbook for every current and aspiring leader trying to make their mark.

Publication date
July 21, 2021
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