Choosing Your Path

by Dale Saito (Author)
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Jesus threatened to spit out the church in Laodicea for it was neither hot nor cold. Their fire for Jesus was smoldering. They were no longer a cool refreshing spring for lost sojourners. The church in Laodicea had become uselessly lukewarm. The early church had been infiltrated by demonic forces. The Laodiceans had turned towards the ways of the world.

The American Church has also been infiltrated. Today, we face a similar condition because we too have turned towards the ways of the world. Many are in denial that the infiltration exists. Others simply don’t know where to look, or what to do about it.

Jesus offered hope to the Laodiceans. His letter to the church in Laodicea was a plea to repent. Today, He offers us that same hope. But that hope comes with the same plea, we must be earnest and repent.

To repent we must first understand and then accept that the path we took may have been the wrong one. In this book, we will examine actions taken by the Church that contributed to our condition, and explore the actions we can take to reclaim the victory He promises.

Whether you are a pastor, council/board member, elder, ministry lay leader, or dream to one day lead, this book will challenge how you think of and lead your church.

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July 21, 2021
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