Finding Home

by Hunter Lynn (Author)
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Handsome and charming, Gavin Taylor had everything: a flourishing baseball career, the love of his life, and a growing family. But one night, the unthinkable happened and his world was turned upside down.

Seven years later, Gavin finds himself in the small town of Timber Creek, TN, leading a life he never would have imagined. Lost, despondent and hard hearted, he drinks in an attempt to bury his past and numb his pain. Caught in this selfish cycle, he distances himself from everyone, including his daughter. Deep inside, Gavin knows he needs to change, but he can’t find the will to chart a new course.

Hayley Jackson is Timber Creek’s golden girl. After six years away establishing a successful career in fashion, she decides to return to her roots and open a boutique in her hometown.

The last thing on Gavin or Hayley’s mind is romance. However, even after a series of train wreck encounters, they find themselves drawn to each other. Will Gavin’s painful past continue to hold him back both personally and professionally? Can Hayley put aside her trust issues and allow herself to get close to someone again?

Publication date
July 21, 2021
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