String Theory and the Real World (Second Edition)

by Gordon Kane (Author)
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This bookattempts to explain why string theory may provide the comprehensive underlyingtheory that describes and explains our world. It is an enthusiastic view of howcompactified string/M-theories, plus data that may be reachable, seem to havethe possibilities of leading to a comprehensive underlying theory of particlephysics and cosmology, perhaps soon. We are living in a hugely exciting era forscience, one during which it may be possible to achieve a real and trueunderstanding of our physical world.

Founded onthree decades of research, this second edition covers the Planck scale, Higgsphysics, supersymmetry and supersymmetry breaking, the Hierarchy problem, darkmatter, inflation, hidden sectors, future colliders, testing theories inphysics, possible limits to understanding, and more.


  • Written by a world-leading authority on compactified string theory
  • Provides simple and informative explanations of many topics
  • Accessible to both physicists and general readers interested in string theory
  • Provides glimpses of future experiments that may provide strong tests of the theory, and experiments that could potentially detect dark matter
  • The second edition includes new material from compactified M-theory identifying the physical inflaton, explaining the matter asymmetry, mass-energy scales of particle physics and cosmology, cosmological histories, dark matter candidates, supersymmetry breaking, future colliders and possible tests

Publication date
July 27, 2021
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