MILF Night In Las Vegas

MILF Night In Las Vegas

by R.m. Dexter (Author)
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Buxom MILF Rebecca has always longed to spend the night with a well-endowed black stud. When she meets handsome showbiz lawyer Oscar in Las Vegas, she discovers she's hit the jackpot!

Rebecca checked herself in the mirror one last time. Sweeping back a wispy tendril of honey-blonde hair, she smiled. “Not too bad, girl, not too bad for 44 at all,” she said to herself before she puckered her full pouty mouth to check her lipstick.

Twenty years of marriage and two kids had done little damage to her curvy little body although, of course, things weren’t quite as youthful and toned as they’d been all those years ago. She’d added a few extra pounds over the years to her 5’-4” frame, but she wasn’t too worried as most of that added weight had ended up either on her boobs, her plump backside, or on her full creamy thighs. That little bit of weight was everywhere that just seemed to make her look more sexy, and touchable. Sure, clothes fit a little tighter across her curvy bum and generous bust these days—geesh, she’d even had to go from a 34DD bra to an E-cup over the last year—but she still thought she looked pretty good, even if her husband never seemed to notice.

Rebecca lived in Juneau, Alaska, almost 3,000 miles from Las Vegas, where she was right now. It was the middle of March, and sunny Las Vegas was certainly a welcome change from the frigid chill of Alaska. While her husband owned and ran a contracting company in Juneau, Rebecca was a geological engineer with one of the major oil companies. She’d spent the past week attending seminars and exhibitions at a major trade show for the drilling industry in Las Vegas. She’d even given a presentation on drilling techniques they used in cold-climate conditions, which there was no way to avoid in Alaska. Her presentation seemed to have gone over well, even if she had been as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof at the start.

Thrilled that she’d been selected by the company to attend the conference, Rebecca had chosen to tack on a couple of free days at the end of the week to turn it into a mini-vacation for herself. After all the time she spent on her job and being a soccer and hockey mom to two teenagers, her husband agreed that she should do it. So they’d ponied up for a couple of extra nights at the Palazzo, the newer hotel linked with the Venetian. The firm was fine for her return flight to be delayed until Sunday afternoon, just as long as she was back at her desk Monday morning.

Rebecca was thrilled to have those two free days to do as she wished. She told everyone that she’d probably do some sightseeing, maybe use some of the spa facilities at the hotel, do some shopping, whatever. But that scintillating idea had always been there at the back of her mind, driving her crazy with anticipation: would she be able to work up the courage to satisfy her curiosity, to see what it was like to have sex with a black man. And now, the time she’d been fantasizing about since she’d first heard about the Vegas conference was here. Would she have the fortitude and willpower to go through with what she’d been dreaming about for these last few years? Tonight was probably her only chance!

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July 15, 2021
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